Looking to trade for Petit Pikachu Plush!

Hi! I recently got some petit pokemon plush in poke ball (volume 1), hoping for a sleeping Pikachu. I didn't end up getting one, but I did get some others: ditto, umbreon, chikorita, voltorb--would someone be interested in trading me?

Looking for this (image taken from ebay, hope that's okay)

Also willing to trade for anything in my permanent sales (click image).

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Commission Slots (OPEN for August)

External Art Sites:

August Commission Slots:

Comment below if you're interested in an open slot! Commissions can be combined with my permanent sales:


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Drawing with MARKER or WATERCOLOR, depending on the colors needed. If you have a preference let me know! Usually "Chibi Team" will be entirely marker and "Regular Team" will be a mix of marker and watercolor.
Will be drawn on paper (8.5 x 11 or slightly larger watercolor paper, unless otherwise specified for any larger teams, 5 x 7 for chibi trainer + 1 pokemon)

Style 1: "Chibi Team"
Price: Base Price = $10 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 2 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + chibi trainer for $18)

Summer Pokemon.jpg
Style 2: "Nintendo Trainer Art Style" (Basically, I try to make the eyes look more like the official art).
Price: Base Price = $15 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 3 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + trainer for $28)

Simple background will be included (ie blue sky, some grass, water), but may charge more for complicated background requests (ie Pokemon Center, etc.)

Style 3: "Tall Chibi Style" Just another style of mine for the human trainer, with large eyes and dot noses. Pokemon will be similar style to Style 2.
Base Price = $15 (Trainer + 1 Pokemon), add 3 dollars for each additional Pokemon (or get full team + trainer for $28)


Style X: "Choose your Style" If you like any style from my external art sites or below, let me know and we can discuss a potential commission!

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Crochet:These guys are small, fit in palm of hand approximately.
Prices start at $18
Commisions come with colored drawing of the crochet design ;)


Needle Felt:
These guys are usually 1-1.5 inches tall (*CLEAR POKEBALL IN PICTURES IS THE TERRARIUM POKEBALL AND ABOUT 2 INCHES*), although recently I have learned how to make bigger ones, so we just have to talk about it to make sure I can do it/have enough materials.

Prices: start at $15 for anything with a round body and simple details (e.g. Rowlet, Poliwag, Marill, Clefairy etc.)
            start at $20 for Pokemon with head plus body +/- small limbs (e.g. Raichu, Pikachu, Squirtle, etc.)
            start at $25 for Pokemon with a head, body, and four legs (e.g. Alolan Vulpix, Bulbasaur, Eevee, etc.)
Prices will go up from the starting price for Pokemon with a lot of details/a lot of different body parts (e.g. Magikarp is more complicated than Rowlet)

I also have premade stuff available for adoption:
Poliwag ($6)
Nebby ($15)
Kyogre ($20)


Comment with any questions, and thank you for looking!

Hatching Eggs for Easter! (and Pikachu gets)

Hi everyone, Happy Easter!
I saw these white plastic eggs in grocery store and was inspired to make Pokemon eggs (2k and 5k and 10k, if you play Pokemon GO...)containing Pokemon, so I did!

The first one "hatched" today!


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... the next egg will hatch soon (maybe, I have to work--I mean walk some more!)

Also I was having so much fun with my ditto figurines that I made a bigger ditto family!
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And here are some new figure gets!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi all, I just wanted to say a very happy Valentine's Day to everyone :) I really loved that Pokemon Go made certain Pink Pokemon more available, so I went ahead and made two of them (needle felted) in honor of the holiday.

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